I am from Brussels, Belgium, and moved to the US when I met my husband Jim in the Virgin Islands - by the way, he is a wonderful man. When not traveling overseas or exploring the North American continent, you will find me in the Chesapeake Bay, enjoying the watershed and its wildlife –kayaking, paddling, sailing or jumping a fence to take the shot I want.

My passion for and true dedication to, at this time of my life,  is our planet and, more particularly, its incredible wildlife. I am a very positive person, but the challenges our planet and we as humans are facing were so concerning to me that I left my career in HealthIT, working for the big guys, for a full time dedication to conservation and biodiversity. This transition is a work-in-progress. I am not too sure where I will land eventually. For the moment, I am just enjoying nature and volunteering with different organizations to gain deeper experience with and understanding of the wildlife and the environment crisis and alternatives that should be pursued.

My purpose with photography is to showcase the beauty and emotions of living things. For me, photography is a way to tell the story and give a voice to the ones who cannot. In addition I believe media content can be really powerful tool to command true actions for change.  It is my intent to leverage the power of my photography to command others to make the necessary adjustments to help restore our biodiversity and ecosystems. 

I will be spending the summer of 2019 in Africa volunteering for conservation organizations, learning and documenting my experiences. During that trip, I will be exploring South Africa with Askari in the Pidwa Wilderness Reserve and Kenya, where I will return to the Mara. After the Mara and witnessing the wildebeest migration, I will venture to the Samburu region and discover the Northern, less-traveled region of Kenya. Please follow my adventures on the blog or follow me on Instagram at aud_the_belge.

I am a crazy dog lover. In  addition to my cranky pure American mutt, Edgar, I am the owner of two cardigan welsh corgis, Louis and Matilda. I do dog photoshoots, primarily in native settings such as parks, beaches, water scenery, kayaking or paddle-boarding. Why? The colors in those elements are just stupendous and dogs tend to really enjoy it. Refer to my dog page for a sample of dog photoshoots. If you are interested please contact me at 301-461-6366 or [email protected] and we can set up a session.  

Finally, I am also seeking opportunities for conservation documentary and journalism and would highly consider pro bono or volunteering work in that domain, wherever the opportunity may be and how beautiful or ugly the situation may be. I have infinite patience for animals. For me time is what is necessary to understand your subject, establish trust, and capture the three dimensions a picture should represent. Please let me know if you have such opportunity. I currently volunteer for the Alliance of the Chesapeake and NWF and would welcome the opportunity to expand my exposure worldwide. My French is quite better than my English by the way. You should try it.